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Stack Type 4 Colors High Speed Flexographic Printing Machine

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Stack Type 4 Colors High Speed Flexographic Printing MachineStack Type 4 Colors High Speed Flexographic Printing Machine

Stack Type 4 Colors High Speed Flexographic Printing Machine

Model: YTB-4600

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Feeding material part:

1. Single unwinder system,manual loader for unwind system
2. Automatic stop machine when break the material; When machine stop, keep tension and avoid the material loose or line deflection.
3. Air shaft
4. EPC (edge position control): With manually/automatically/ central return function, can adjust the rewind move left and right .
5. Automatic tension control system with magnetic brake(10KG).
6. Roller core diameter: 76mm
7. Discharge maximum diameter: 1000mm

Printing sections:
1. plate roller circumference: 300-1000mm, standard less than 400mm
2. print material: resin plate or rubber plate
3. Transmission between printing roller and anilox roller: Helical gears
4. printing chromatography: 360-degree rotation
5. adjustment method: By Manual (Automatic printing after adjust by manual, when start machine, no need register color again, the printing pressure and register all keep the same.)
6. Printing roller lifting system: pneumatic

Drying system:
1. The machine is equipped with blower and heater; and the heater employed central temperature control system
2. Dry apparatus between each color, and one more dry apparatus after printing finished

Rewinding Part:
1. Single rewinder system,manual loader for rewind system
2. Film central rewind system
3. Air shaft
4. Automatic tension control system with magnetic brake(10KG).
5. Roller core diameter: 76mm
6. Discharge maximum diameter: 1000mm

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
Standard Machine width
600mm 800mm 1000mm 1200mm ...
Material Feeding Width200-1600mm, also can customized for more width material
Printing Width160-1560mm, also can customized for more width material
Printing LengthStandard is 400mm,can customized  from 300-1000mm
Max Machine Speed100- m/min
Printing Speed10-80 m/min
Equip chamber doctor blade can reach 100m/min
Register precision≤0.3mm
Thickness of plate1.14mm 1.7mm 2.28mm 2.84mm 3.94mm can customized
TransmissionSynchronous Belt
HeatingElectricity Heating
Double tape thickness for stick plate0.38mm 0.5mm can customized


<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
Plate roller
Can be customized. Range 300-1000mm
Printing roller uses static balance and dynamic balance processing

Auto tension control & magnetic power
Control un&rewind parts balance material both side.            

Air shaft
tight to material ,flat material , better printing

Ultrasonic Web guide
Swift tracking print photo
Keep the edge of the master roll flat

Single doctor Blade
Not spill the ink
Equip with ink pump, even the ink           

Ink pump
Suck the ink automatically
Adop the automatic circle system.

Ceramic Anilox Roller
Transfer ink evenly, improve the printing effect.
300-600 lines/in

Up and down plate
Adopt the hydraulic pressure rising and down the printing plate automatically

Heat dryer (each color with 1 set heater, one long heater chanel on the top)
Big heat dryer with blowing wind drying fast

Synchronous belt
Stable transmission, with high register precision

The main list of detailed configuration
Remark:the main motor and key parts can change which brand as your request. 

1. Main motor:1pc (Taibang brand)
2.  Ink operation motor: 1pc ( wanxin brand)
3. Inverter of main motor:1set ( Delta brand)
4. Electrical parts:(Schneider)
5. bearing :NSK
6. Ceramic anilox roller:1pc/color( Murata)
7. Auto tension with Magnetic power:( HAITAI)
8. Air shaft: 1set(China)
9. EPC system:(China)
10. Contactor:(Schneider)
11. Button Switch:(Schneider)
12. Breaker:(Schneider)
13. Counter: (CHNT)
14. Hint light:(Schneider)
15. EPC system:1set (China)
16. Revolve Button Switch:(Schneider)
17. Urgent Stop Switch:(Schneider)
18. Relay:(Schneider)    

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
Optional device(need extra money to get perfect machine)  
PLC Control
Control panel

Joist barrow
It’s easy to lift the materials

Auto pneumatic loading&unloading for unwinding and rewinding
It is easy to transport and loading material.

Video inspection
Check the printing quality on the video screen

Chamber Doctor blades
Evenly ink when printing process.

Auto hydraulic loading&unloading for unwinding
It is easy to transport and loading material.

Big roller friction Rewinding type
Rewinding the material more tight and keep in line. Special for paper

Double Rewind And Unwind System

EPC RE brand from Italy

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